The Hamilton County Health Department provides all standard vaccines as required, recommended, or approved by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and HFS.  Some exceptions may apply. 

Infant and One Year Old Vaccinations

Infants begin vaccinations at two months of age with their next appointments being at four months, six months, and again when they turn age one.  A Doctor’s Release is required when receiving the first set of vaccinations to be given at two months of age, along with proof of the child having had the first Hepatitis B vaccination at the hospital if applicable. 

Kindergarten Vaccinations (Ages 4—6 years of age)

The Health Department provides immunizations for children who are or will be entering Kindergarten.  It is a requirement that all children be up to date regarding their vaccinations prior to beginning the school year.

 Tdap & Meningitis Requirements for Children Entering 6th-12th Grade

It is a requirement that all incoming 6th - 12th grade students show proof of having had a Tdap and Meningitis prior to starting 6th grade and a second Meningitis prior to starting 12th grade.  Please call the Health Department to inquire if your child is up to date or to schedule an appointment. Please also ask as to what highly recommended vaccinations that your child may be eligible for according to their age and health history.

 College Bound Students

Most, if not all colleges now require proof of vaccinations or immunity for several vaccine preventable diseases.  Please call the Health Department to ask about what vaccinations are available for your age, as well as to make an appointment for any vaccinations required by your college that you are still in need of.

 Adult Vaccinations

Many Adult Vaccinations are now available.  By asking about and receiving recommended Adult Vaccinations, you are not only protecting your health, but also may be protecting the health of your loved ones. Some preventable illnesses/diseases may not be life threatening for a healthy individual, however to the very young, the elderly, as well as those with a weakened immune system, those same illnesses may be deadly or forever life altering. 

Flu Vaccinations

Flu clinics typically begin in the beginning of September of each year depending upon the arrival of the flu vaccine.

Infant and Childrens flu vaccinations are done by appointment.  Please call 618-643-3522 for more information about availablility.

Adult walk-in flu vaccinations are usually available Monday though Thursday during normal business hours upon the vaccine arrival.  Please call ahead to make sure that a nurse will be on-site at the time you plan to arrive.

For more information regarding vaccinations please contact us at 618-643-3522, or visit the CDC website at

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